Primary Section

Primary Classes : Std. I to Std. V

DFS believes that while Evaluation is necessary, examinations are not. In keeping with this philosophy there are no examinations at the Primary level. Day to day assessment coupled with oral work and project work help in removing any stress that may be associated with schooling.

Emphasis will be laid on Speaking and Communication skills and parents will be invited to see what their children have learnt on a regular basis. Open Days will help parents interact with their child’s teachers to ascertain what their child’s strengths and challenges are.

The subjects at the Primary level (I and II) are English, Hindi, Marathi (3rd Language), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Studies, Art, Craft, Music and Physical Education.

In classes III, IV and V students will have History, Geography, and Science as separate subjects.

Reports will be based on the sum total of the pupils’ performance over the entire year. These will be in the form of Grades which will be self-explanatory.