Kindergarten Section

Pre-Primary Classes: Play Group, Nursery, Jr.K.G. and Sr.K.G.

Children in these classes are in the age group 2-6 years which are the formative ages of a child. This section helps in laying the foundation for future academic growth. Learning here, therefore, is by the PLAYWAY METHOD.

All educational activities are done through play and involve the development of Communication, Social and Cognitive Skills. Large, bright and airy classrooms with two teachers handling each class set the right tone for the school.

Each class has little cubby hole to keep the students’ materials with child-friendly furniture creating a safe and secure environment for your child. Large play areas for water play, sand play, and other related activities ensure the overall growth of our students.

Open Days are held every month for parents to see what their child has been doing at school. In short ‘HAPPINEST’ our Pre-School section, is a ‘Home away from Home’