The large sprawling campus laid out in the midst of the residential complex built by the founders will have every facility that a modern and futuristic school should have –

Basket ball court, Cricket pitch, Football field, Volley Ball court and a play area for the Tiny Tots of HAPPI-NEST.

The school building houses at least 4 Science laboratories, 2 Computer Laboratories, 2 Libraries, a Wellness Centre with a Nurse on duty, Audio Visual Rooms ,Wi-Fi connect as well as Language laboratory and a Maths Laboratory. Several classrooms have smart boards and CCTV cameras ensure the safety and security of our children.

In addition there will be after school activities of a voluntary nature conducted by specialists in the field. Some of these are – classes organised by The Trinity College – London, Specialised Coaching in Games, Training in Classical Dance and Music to name a few.

The play area will be one that helps in fostering both mental and physical growth. Children will plant saplings and nurture herbs of medicinal value.

The school Auditorium will allow the pupils to put up plays and other cultural events to display their talent.