Co-Curricular Activities

There will be several activities of a non-scholastic nature for all pupils from Grades I to X so that they can participate and display their talent. Some of the activities are :

  • Yoga: For Mental & Physical Discipline
  • Singing: To develop their musical talent and as a stress buster
  • Speech and Drama: To develop the right style of speaking and reciting. These classes are being conducted by Professionals from “All for Kids” run by Ms. Mona Anil
  • Dancing: For Physical agility and grace
  • Debating: To be able to see two sides of the same topic and present your arguments articulately
  • Martial Art: Hardik Unadkat of the ‘Institute of Martial Arts’ conducts the Taekwando classes at school. We believe that every child is entitled to physical safety and training in martial arts will equip our children to protect themselves.
  • Spell Bee, Art, Craft and Games (Basketball, Throw-ball, Football, Box-Cricket etc.) to name a few.

Library reading is an integral part of the school program. Every child will be issued a book on a weekly basis and ask to write a report on the book read.

All solo activities are celebrated in the nature of festivals and no prizes are awarded. Instead, all participants are given a certificate of appreciation.

Only group events are competitive eg: debates, quiz, choral singing etc. The idea is to develop cooperation and team spirit.

In addition, the students will have field trips to places of educational interest such as – Museums, Zoos, Planetarium, Science Center, Butterfly parks, Bird Sanctuary, Mani Bhavan and so on. They will participate in Inter School events and sporting tournaments. This will help in giving exposure and instilling confidence.

The International Connection

We are part of The Junior Global Scholars a distance linked educational program which connects pupils from all countries in the world in the age group 9 to 13.

Pupils will interact with each other on specific topics from all angles and in the process understand that despite their geographical distances they are really the same. Their aspirations, expectations, and challenges are very much the same.

This is an initiative of The BLOOMBERG Philanthropies, New York